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Alright, peeps. I’m sure you saw this coming, but I’m going to make it official.

This blog is currently going on a hiatus. Any and all updates will be going to my Tumblr blog. Which you can find here because the whole sentence is the link.

This just makes things more streamlined and a little easier to manage. Plus you get to see what other trouble I’ve been up to, haha.

Thanks guys!


Meenee Hi-yay-toos

First up! I had the distinct honor of being on the Liquid Geek podcast again this past weekend. And a great time was had by all! …well, okay, I’m pretty sure my microphone didn’t have a very good time, but so far it hasn’t given me an opinion of my opinions. Which I’m grateful for because I’m pretty sure I’d get an earful.

So…there’s a link to the Liquid Geek podcast up there, and I just posted one right there. Go. Listen. NAO.

Okay…so there’s been a bit of a lull in YouTube vids. I am most sorry for this! Things got a little out of hand on my end of the internets, and while I know I said I would be recording/posting this week, I sort of forgot that I had to have dental work done this week. While it really wasn’t as bad as I got myself keyed up to think it was…

(figured I’d come out with about this much blood running down from my face)

…it did leave me with a very sore and tender upper jaw. (And the sincere fear that two of my teeth have been forever fused together. I don’t think they have, but it’s still scary!) Makes excessive talking, emoting, etc. rather painful and my jaw’s still actually kind of stiff.

So this is just a little mini-hiatus while I get stuff sorted out and let my jaw heal up. When I can record, tho, I will, since I’ve got the scripts and such for the movies worked out, it’s just a matter of recording them.

Although, I will be doing a little mini vlog session of me going to, at, and leaving BotCon. I suspect the ‘leaving’ part will just consist of me crying into the camera while weakly pawing at the plane window, but hey…people said that they wanted to see that. …you little weirdos want to live off my pain! *cackles* I kid, I kid…

But that does mean I’ll be posting multiple, short vids. As of right now, just due to ease of use, they’ll be getting posted to my YouTube account and Tumblr account. However, if I can figure out a way to post them on the fly to this WordPress account, you can guaran-damn-tee I’ll be posting them here, too.

(I suspect this will be my expression for about half of the time I’m trying to post the vids, tho.)

Finally, for sanity’s sake, I’m looking to moving the weekly publish date/time of this blog to Thursdays or Tuesdays. Main reason? To have a bit more time for the Steam deals of the week, lol.

*slowly rises up from the ashes and dust, groaning like a arthritic zombie* I’m alive!

Gah! I am so sorry for the sudden hiatus, guys! Rest assured I am still doing Lore Seggies and Know Your Transformer vids, I’ve just been hit with a lot of Real Life rubbish that has really crippled my motivation to do pretty much anything at all. And it certainly doesn’t help that there’s been a sudden spike in heat (we’re talking 100+ degree temperatures daily, peeps!), so by the time I get home, I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West in that I’m melting. I really want to just pack up my stuff and cats and move to either Glasgow, Edinburgh, or Perth. Then I’ll just freeze my tushie off.

But hey! No more problems about the heat, yeah? Whee!

So…just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days, Sony has just fragging TROUNCED Microsoft. Especially at E3. Microsoft got its hindquarters handed to them and Sony is coming out looking like the bloody golden child of the upcoming gaming console generation. While I will admit that I’m really happy that Microsoft is basically getting punched in the proverbial nads for what they pulled with the XboxOne, there is a part of me that’s sad to see just how quickly and willing Microsoft was to screw over a very loyal and very eager to pay fanbase. And the really sad part is that they don’t necessarily have to do much with the XboxOne for this generation.

Sure, they’re going to lose money, and sure, they’re going to get backlash for it, but ultimately it’s not going to break them. At least, I don’t see it breaking them. They’ve got their still trucking computer cash cow to work off of, so even if the XboxOne tanks (and how!), I can’t see it putting Microsoft under. Which means that even with the pressure being put on by Sony and the uproar from fans, Microsoft doesn’t technically have to do anything to improve/fix/exorcise the XboxOne.

But I do have to share this hilarious vid to show you just how hard Sony is putting it to Microsoft.

Yeah, these guys know where the fan anger is coming from and they’re more than happy to play off that. Can’t say I blame them, either.

I will most likely be on the Liquid Geek show again this coming weekend to talk about E3 and the brouhaha that that was. Apparently my little curse-laden rants are popular. *squeaks* You guys like me!

So! With that in mind, I’m going to toddle off and read more about the way the PS4 is going to stomp a mud puddle into the XboxOne’s back while the WiiU watches on and leave you guys with the last minute Steam deals of the week!

1.) We have “Monster Loves You!” for 50% off! Knocks the price from $9.99 to $4.99.

2.) We have “Lego Lord of the Rings” for 75% off! Knocks the price $29.99 to $7.50.

Shuffle the Cards

Okay, first up, I will state that there wasn’t a YouTube vid this week. *cries* I’m sorry! I’m a fail whale at organization this week. But I had some rather harem-scarem stuff come up, so I need to get stuff organized and sorted away this week before tackling creating a YouTube vid. However! That does mean that there will be two YouTube vids next week, possibly even three if I can get the nerve up to do that, lol.

On the plus side, this does mean that my fanfictions (which is now up to a total count of FOUR, folks. Yeowza!) are going to get new chapters and updated. So that’s always a bonus.

Played some World of Warcraft and my Paladin finally hit Level 90. So now I’m trying to get myself a Cloud Serpent, because Cloud Serpents are cool. I picked the green one because, well…duh….fel fire is green and so were Illidan’s tattoos, so, yeah, of course I’m going to go with the green one. *cackles*

I keep meaning to play some Gears of War: Judgment or some Call of Duty: Black Ops II, I just keep being a total fail whale at both games. Frustration City.

Okay, I wanted to at least let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about the YouTube vids, I just had to get some other stuff sorted out first.

Finally! Steam deals of the week!

First up, we have Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior for 50% off! Price goes from $29.99 to $14.99.

Second is Crusader Kings II for 75% off! Knocks the price down from $39.99 to $9.99.

I Have The Right To Change My Mind…

…but damn if I hate having to use and borderline abuse that right.

Okay, first up, there is a new “Know Your Transformer” vid, but after four different attempts to record the damn thing and then trying to do a mad dash out the door after I thought it had properly converted over, I realized that the thing still hasn’t freaking encoded properly. So…there’s obviously a delay, but I’ll post it up later today after I’ve been able to violently flog the encoding process into playing nice.

Now then, here’s the main source of my post today…

The Xbox One live release video.

I will, with no real glee, admit that I was initially really excited after seeing the release. I think it was that whole “new game console” shiny sparkle sparkle glitz that got in my head. However, after reading some reports on questions that were answered and I had some time to sit down and think about the whole deal, the glitz faded pretty damn fast.

To keep myself from rambling, I’ll try to go point by point on where my opinion went from “WHEE!” to “Wha…?”

NOTE: This is all personal opinion, and you are free to politely disagree or agree with me.

I refer to KOTAKU articles quite frequently through this, so please check back with them as they’ll update faster than this blog will. However,

1.) Less game-oriented.
-Okay, granted, I know that there was a lot of toting of E3 and that at E3 it would be when we saw gameplay and games and more games and all the cool stuff that, well, I was looking forward to seeing during the review. Okay, cool…we’ve got a Halo series coming out. Yippee. I like Halo. I like watching television. So…woo. But the rest of the damn overview of all that voice-activated who-za-whatzit started to grate on my nerves. I am not so goddamn lazy that I can’t pick up a remote, push a single button and then push ONE MORE BUTTON (that’s two buttons total, folks!) so that my Xbox can boot up. I know that there are people out there that, for one reason or another, require four or five or I guess ten remotes to be able to get their television and Xbox to hook up and start playing nicey-nice with each other, but seriously, I couldn’t care less about voice activation. If anything, the thing would learn some new words as I cuss at it trying to get it to recognize my voice. Trust me, if you think that the voice activation is going to work as flawlessly as it did on the reveal, you had best have another think coming. I have yet to encounter a voice recognition system that works that sleek (that doesn’t cost you your legs, firstborn, and half your soul). Half of my job entails trying to get a fragging voice recognition system to work that has been out for years.
But the Xbox is a game console. I wanted to see more games. Okay, fine, so have a brief overview of the shiny new features, sure, I can understand that. But when that’s the core of your reveal for your game system, erm…we have a negative on that trajectory…

2.) Xbox has to be online once every 24 hours. KOTAKU ARTICLE
-So if you’ve got a crappy (or no) internet connection, you’re screwed. While I know it may not sound like such a big deal for some people, at one point I had an internet connection that WOULD DISCONNECT EVERY TIME IT RAINED. Fortunately, living out in the middle of a desert that sometimes gets hotter than the asshole of a dying sun (Quote from: The Oatmeal), that wasn’t such a big deal for me, but had I been living in a place that frequently gets hit with rain, I would have been climbing the walls and ceiling like some horrifying redux of “The Exorcist.”

3.) Fees for playing your friends’ games. KOTAKU ARTICLE
-This is a HUGE one for me. Long story short, if I decide I want to borrow a game from one of my friends so that I can see if I like it or not, I have to pay a fee. And as it’s looking right now, the fee is going to beĀ the full price of the game. And what if I don’t like the game? What if I played it just to see if I wanted to go buy a copy for myself? Do I get the fee back for despising the game? I highly doubt I would. So I have to rely on reviewers who have taken the plunge and bought the game. And I’m going to need to rely on 3rd party reviewers, because we’ve already seen where the supposed “professional” reviewers can be basically bought out.

So…once the glitz had settled and I got a chance to think about it, this is what I’d come down to.

Also, here’s the vid that Angry Joe posted in response to the reveal. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that he says, it sums up a lot of what I do agree with.

Personally, I’m going to hope that stuff changes, but I won’t necessarily hold my breath…

In other news…I haven’t been playing video games that much. *sad face* Most of my time has been taken up by working overtime so that I can make it to BotCon. However, if anybody knows of tactics to stay awake and how to keep from laying down for a “15 minute nap” that turns into a “4 hour nap” without laying thumbtacks all over the bed, let me know. Coffee and energy drink mixes are welcome.

Finally, here’s the Steam deals of the week.

1.) Cities XL Platinum Edition for 66% Off! Price goes from $29.99 to $10.20.

2.) Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion for 66% Off! Price goes from $39.99 to $13.59.

I’m Stuck in a Proverbial Hammock!

We’ve got a brand new Lore Seggie and Battle Pet Overview vid! This one covers the Tushui and Huojin, and yes, I have problems pronouncing their names. Then we have a Battle Pet Overview of the Darkmoon Eye Battle Pet. Eee! It’s so cute!

And yes, the preview screenie looks like I’m either praying or begging to the viewers, lol. It was just too good to pass up as a preview screenie.

I am also going to try and play the next segment of the “Let’s Play: Bioshock 2” very soon. Will remember to fix the lighting, tho so I don’t look like Casper’s cousin. I was advised to use a white T-Shirt over the light to keep the glare from being too much, but still to let the light through. I may try that. Or I’ll use the shade that came with the lamp I was using as lighting.

Have been playing WoW again and running through dungeons to try and hit 90 ASAP. And guess what?! PuGs are still one of the worst tortures for the human mind that have ever been devised! Tanks who run in without letting me get mana, or who make fun of me for going OOM when they’re the ninnyhammers that were in their goddamn DPS gear the entire time! They should be happy I didn’t let their sorry arses get beat to a pulp while I bubbled and hearthed right out of there. Of course, that wouldn’t be very nice to the DPS involved.

Although, I will say that the latest dungeon run I had, the tank was superlative! At first I was pretty nervous, because he took some nasty damage spikes that had me spamming Flash of Light like it was going out of style, but shortly after the first pull, he instructed the mage to conjure up a table for me, and waited for me to get mana. HE EVEN ASKED HOW EASY HE WAS TO HEAL!

After picking my jaw up off the keyboard, I told him that he took a couple of damage spikes, but that he wasn’t that bad. There was no way I wanted to risk losing a tank that was 1.) mindful of the healer’s mana and 2.) making sure the healer was stocked with food to get mana back. However, once I told the tank that, suddenly the damage spikes disappeared. He must’ve done something, because after that I was able to just sit back and cast my slower, more mana-efficient heals. (I know nothing about Warriors, much less Warrior Tanks, so this guy could’ve put a smiley face sticker on the shield he was using and that’s what mitigated the damage for all I know.)

So, I guess the moral to that little story is that there are still those wonderful, eye-twitch inducing PuGs from the Nine Hells, but every now and then you get one of those awesome gems of a PuG where everybody does what they’re supposed to and doesn’t make you want to go into “HULK-HEALER ANGRY!!!” mode.

I desperately want to play more Gears of War. It’s so damn involving, but lately Real Life has not been very kind to me, but I anticipate I will be playing Gears of War very, very soon. But dammit, I NEED to get Gears of War 3. I’d be tickled pink if I could get my hands on the Collector’s Edition with the massive treasure chest of goodies, but we’ll see.

I also have…*drum roll*…BOTCON 2013 to look forward to!

So yeah, money’s a little tighter than usual, even though I’ve been working myself ragged with overtime.

But bah…that’s neither here nor there.

Also been going with my friend Zalajin to go and kick Onyxia’s scaly tail for a chance at the mount. So far she’s been a selfish little bint, but we endeavor to persevere!

Finally, we have our last minute Steam deals of the week!

First up we have “Terraria” for 66% off! Price gets knocked down from $9.99 to $3.39.

Next we have “Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (Enhanced Edition)” for 50% off! That knocks the price from $29.99 to $14.99.

*somber salute to Lord Stormrage*

Well…I up and did the one thing in World of Warcraft I never thought I’d do.


…I am so…so sorry… …I…I just…*SOBS* …OH GODS WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Accompanied two friends of mine through the Black Temple since up until that point I’d never gotten to the end of the Black Temple raid. You’d think that me being such the rabid Illidan Stormrage fangirl that I am, I would have been stalking the Black Temple night and day. And, well, I was…

BUT! The thing about the Black Temple raid is that at the end of it, Illidan, well…he…he…he um…he…Illidan…he…he, uh, he sort of…well…he…


*sniffles* Okay, fine…so yeah…I finally got to see Illidan Stormrage in the Black Temple, took about a whole harddrive’s worth of screenshots, switched to my Holy spec, and proceeded to sit in my chair and cry like a little, bubble-blowing baby.

This also happened to the keyboard…

Why my Holy spec? Because there was no way in the Nine Hells I was going to even lift an eyebrow against my beloved Illidan Stormrage. I even tried healing him…didn’t work. And yes, for those of you wondering, it WAS the “Lay On Hands” spell. Take that however you wish.

Granted, had that spell actually worked, my two friends that were in the Black Temple with me may not have been my friends after that, but still…I…I had to try…

…and yet, my best attempts didn’t work. *sighs* I did get to run off with a really kick ass looking cloak

(courtesy of

and the Stormrage Signet Ring.

…great…I’m a fragging murderer taking trophies. *sobs* It’s not fair!

Oh great Lord Metzen, I plead with thee! A spectacular Illidan Stormrage redemption story, I do request! *coughs* …and…you know, if you need help, just ask. …not that I’ve already got ideas or anything. *innocent stare*

Also have a new Know Your Transformer vid in which I wrap up the lore around The Thirteen. Behold!

In other news…seeing more exposure about the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” game. The more I see of it and the more I think of it, I dunno’ if the game is actually going to star Ghost from the Modern Warfare series or maybe we get to see all of our favorite characters in past exploits that we didn’t see in Modern Warfare. Not sure how that would work, but who knows? Personally I know if I don’t get to play as Soap, I’m going to be one grumpy nyanpire. *pouts*

Also started a “Let’s Play: Bioshock 2” series. You can see the first vid right here! Behold! (…again)

I figure the commentary will come a little easier with a bit more practice, but it wasn’t too bad for my second “Let’s Play.” Not to mention the syncing between my reaction cam vid and the gameplay vid was much, MUCH better. I’ll work on the lighting so that I don’t look like a freaking ghost.

Finally, we have the last minute Steam deals of the week.

First up, we have the “Need for Speed Franchise” for 75% off! Takes the price from $19.99 to $4.99.

We also have the “Serious Sam Franchise” for 80% off! Price goes from $39.99 to $7.99. (That’s a steal, folks! It’s SERIOUS-FREAKING-SAM!)


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